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Why Us?

Our clients want to know that we understand their industry, that we offer a competitively priced RTC claim deliverable that will have a high degree of success under IRS examination, and that our interactions with their operations are credible, knowledgeable and non-intrusive.  We strive to offer these core values to ensure our “relationship driven” spirit can continue forward.

Although the legislation supporting Research Tax Credits (RTCs) is outlined under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and administered by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), DST Advisory Group believes that a successful RTC claim is a result of an operational based, scientific focused exercise.    In other words, we want our RTC claims to adequately reflect strong technical position(s) in comparison to the financial aspects and impact.  We don’t over-document or interview to excess; rather, our industry knowledge and scientific backgrounds allow for an effective and efficient reporting for claim purposes.

We are a firm solely dedicated to assisting companies with RTC claims.  Our company is comprised of professionals with backgrounds in science, tax and financial.  We consider ourselves experts in advising of RTC claims as it pertains to a multitude of industries.  We are not distracted by other service offerings or other tax related responsibilities.

We have the experience to structure a client-specific RTC claim that is tailored to be synergistic to our clients’ tax budgets, operational characteristics, record-keeping policies and annual investment in an RTC exercise.  These are variables that supplement our goal of preparing an RTC claim intended to be highly successful under IRS examination.  Because of the type of client-base we serve, our work product is often-times examined by our clients’ auditors and/or tax return preparers, which typically includes the Big-4 accounting firms.

We consider ourselves a trusted bridge from the tax department’s decision to engage us in order to claim RTCs extending into the sensitive interactions and responsibilities placed upon our clients’ operational personnel that have been directed to support a RTC claim exercise.   Moreover, our mission is to have the RTC claim exercise be perceived as a credible, worthwhile and non-intrusive annual exercise by our clients’ operational personnel.  Our mission is also to be the industry alternative known to offer services that include industry expertise that can be trusted, transparent, non-intrusive – all the while, with a high degree of success under IRS examination.  We are a relationship based company that conducts itself in a manner today for another opportunity of tomorrow.